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Problem with FaxMan V 4.xx and Jr V 2.xx printer drivers on Windows 2012 Server

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2013 05:10PM EDT
There is a problem with the printer drivers in the current versions of FaxMan SDK and Faxman Jr when installed on Windows Server 2012. Due to a bug in the code that writes the fax file the files are created incorrectly on this OS only causing FaxMan and other apps to be unable to read or process the created files.

We have an update which resolves this issue with the invalid files under Windows Svr 2012.

The updated im62xfax.del file is attached to this article. Just and download overwrite the existing file in the \windows\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3 directory with this one and the fax files will be created OK.

You will need to start and stop the print spooler after doing this. You can do than from a command prompt (Run As Admin) by typing:

Net stop spooler
Net Start spooler

Note that for now you will have to install the printer driver then manually copy this file over as we need to submit this update to Microsoft so we can get the drivers signed which takes a while.

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