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Optimum settings for Multitech, Perle PCI RAS and Mainpine IQ Express modems

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2013 05:10PM EDT
The Multitech MT9234ZBA-CDC modems are an excellent single line modem for use with FaxMan SDK Version 4.x and FaxMan Jr Version 2.x. These modems are USB powered eliminating the hassles of a seperate power supply and also support Class 2.1 fax support which provides faster 33.6K faxing as well as error correcting mode (ECM) support providing better quality faxing when the remote device supports it.

The Perle PCI Ras 4/8 cards as well as the Miainpine IQ Express cards also support Class 2.1 and will be optimally configured by using these settings.

Tweaking FaxMan SDK

The first step in the SDk is to force the FaxMan engine to use the modem in Class 2.1 mode. Once you have made this change the modem will automatically connect at up to 33.67K bps and use error corecting modem when the remote fax device supports these features. If the remote device doesnt support them then the modem will drop down to the fastest supported speed of the remote fax device.

Making these changes can be done in one of two ways:

1. Editing the faxman4.ini file
The Faxman4.ini file is located in the same directory as the faxman4.exe file, generally the windows\system32 or windows\syswos64 directory. Edit this file with a text editor such as notepad and you'll see that it contains a [Portxx] section for each modem port.  Under each port you'll see flags for the various classes, for instance:


You should see the Class21 flag is set to 1 indicating the modem supports class 2.1 mode. If so then set all the other Class flags to zero so you end up with only the Class21 flag set to one as in:


Also be sure to set the Init string to: AT&FE0V1&C1&D2&K3S0=0 for the port. Be sure to do this for each port associated with a Multitech MT9234ZBA modem.

Then save the file and restart the Faxman process/service.

Important Caveat
Changes made this way will be overwritten if or when your application does an AutoDetect to reconfigure the modems. Your app should only do an AutoDetect when the hardware configuration changes and not everytime it starts up.

2. Setting the supported classes via the Interface
Your application can also use the FaxMan interfaces ie DLL, OCX or .Net to disable all the classes for a modem except fopr the Class 2.1 setting. Also the Init string can be set to AT&FE0V1&C1&D2&K3S0=0  using the API as well.

Making the changes in this manner doesnt require the Faxman service/application to be restarted but these settings will be overwritten when and if your applicatin does an AutoDetect.


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