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Resetting the next fax log id in FaxMan4

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2013 05:10PM EDT
Using the SqlLite Database Browser  utilty (download is attached to this article)  you can update your existing faxman4.db to use the proper faxid incrementing scheme and also to be able to set the initial fax id.
Start the sSqlLite Database Browser and open the faxman4.db file that you wish to modify.
Run this sql:
PRAGMA auto_vacuum=1;CREATE TABLE faxes2 (FaxID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, StructSize numeric, AppName text, Banner text, Comments text, CoverPage text, Duration numeric, FaxClass numeric, FaxRes numeric, FE numeric, FileList text, FS numeric, HangCode numeric, LocalID text, Log numeric, PagesSent numeric, Port numeric, Priority numeric, Queue numeric, RecipCompany text, RecipFax text, RecipName text, RemoteID text, ReqPort numeric, Retries numeric, RetryCount numeric, RetryDelay numeric, SendDate numeric, SenderCompany text, SenderFax text, SenderName text, SenderVoice text, SendRes numeric, SentDate numeric, Speed numeric, Subject text, TotPages numeric, UserDefined text, GenCoverPage text);
CREATE INDEX Log_Index On Faxes2 (Log);CREATE INDEX Log_Date_Index On Faxes2 (Log, SendDate);
insert into faxes2 select * from faxes;
drop table faxes;
alter table faxes2 rename to faxes;
Then you can specify a new starting ID using the sqlite_sequence table. It has a record which contains a field called seq which contains the next faxid, this code would set the next ID to 344.
Update sqlite_sequence set seq=344 where name ='faxes';
Prior to running these scripts please make a backup of your faxman4.db file.

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