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Testing a Modem if FaxMan cannot detect or use it

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2013 05:10PM EDT
The latest versions of Windows no longer include the Hypterminal serial utility that was helpful for testing modems. We suggest you download the free PUTTY utility from: 
  1. Run the putty.exe application which you have downloaded.
  2. Select Connection Type: Serial, then enter the COM port number in the Serial Line textbox (defaults to COM1),
  3. Click the Open button
  4. The command window should open up, If it does not and you get an error then the port either doesn't exist or its in use by another application. 
  5. If it does open OK then type ATE1 and then press ENTER. Note that you may not see the characters as you type them if echo is disabled on the modem. You should then see an OK response. If you see OK then the modem is working property, if you dont then try typing AT and pressing ENTER, if you still don't get any response then there is a problem with the modem.

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