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Creating FaxMan Files with ImageMan ActiveX Version 8

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2011 05:31PM EDT


In order to save an fmf with ImageMan Version 8 several attributes need to be set.

Also a tiff del needs to be used that supports the TIFF_GROUP3OPTIONS tag. Such a del is included in the sample zip file.

Valid parameters for this tag are

Here is some code in VB6 that sets the attributes options:

    Dim attrs As New Attributes
    If ImageControl1.ImageWidth <> 1728 Then
        ImageControl1.ScaleImage 1728, ImageControl1.ImageHeight * (1728 / ImageControl1.ImageWidth)
    End If
    If ImageControl1.ImageColors > 2 Then
        ImageControl1.DitherMethod = Bayer
        ImageControl1.ReduceTo 2, False, False
    End If
    attrs.Add "EXTENSION", "TIF", IMString
    attrs.Add "COMPRESS", "ON", IMString
    attrs.Add "TIFF_COMPRESS", "GROUP3", IMString
    attrs.Add "TIFF_FILLORDER", 2, IMInt32
    attrs.Add "TIFF_ROWSPERSTRIP", ImageControl1.ImageHeight, IMInt16
    attrs.Add "TIFF_GROUP3OPTIONS", "FILLBITS", IMString
    attrs.Add "TIFF_BYTEFORMAT", "INTEL", IMString
    attrs.Add "TIFF_NEWSUBFILETYPE", 0, IMInt16
    ImageControl1.SaveAs "", attrs

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