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Adding Twain controls to VS 2010 toolbox with .Net 3.5/2.0 Solution

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2012 03:54PM EDT
Visual Studio 2010 has a bit of an issue when targeting a framework < 4.0 and adding the Twain controls to the toolbox.

By default (In ImageMan.Net Twain V 3.10 or prior) we add the .Net 4.0 Twain controls to the toolbox, when targeting a solution to framework 2.0/3.5 Visual Studio no longer displays the Twain controls in the toolbox and trying to add them via the "Choose Items..." option in the toolbox will fail.

The way to add the .Net 2.0 Twain controls to the Toolbox is to drag and drop the DTI.ImageMan.Twain.dll file onto the toolbox from its location in the \program files\ImageMan.Net Twain\Net20Assemblies directory.

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