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Whats new in ImageMan.Net Version 2

Last Updated: May 09, 2013 09:45AM EDT


New Features in all ImageMan.Net editions

  • Drawing classes support drawing on all images at their native bitdepths
  • Performance and Misc enhancements to the Codecs
  • Misc enhancements to the Viewer and ThumbnailViewer controls

Feature in the new Document Edition

  • OCR - Royalty Free distribution
  • Annotations Support
    • Annotation component
    • Annotation Toolstrip component
    • support for reading and writing WANG imaging format annotation data
  • Document Processing Commands including Blank Page Detection, Border removal, Despeckle and more
  • Support for reading and writing PDF/A and writing searchable PDF files with the optional PDF Import & Export Addons
  • Histogram Methods

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