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Troubleshooting ImageMan.Net Twain Web Licensing Issues

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2011 09:51AM EDT


Licensing ImageMan.Net Twain on a web server requires a few steps that are easily overlooked. Please follow these guidelines when attempting to resolve licensing issues for client side or web applications:
Licensing problems generally fall into two categories, either the license file cant be downloaded to the client application or the license file doesnt include the servername the user is using to access the application.
1. Check to see if the license file is downloadable by navigating to the DTI.ImageMan.Twain.dll.lic, you should be able to download the lic file from your browser and be prompted to save the file to disk.
If you cannot download the LIC file (e.g. you receive a 404 resource cannot be found error), please check to see if it is in the same directory as DTI.ImageMan.Twain.dll.
Check that the file is named correctly (DTI.ImageMan.Twain.dll.lic)

2. If the LIC file is in the proper path but you cannot download it, when using IIS 6/Windows 2003 or higher, make sure your application has the Scripts and Executables configuration option disabled.

3. Make sure the server url in the license file is correct by opening the file in a text editor and confirm the file contains the same domain name or IP that you are using to run the application.
4. If you are running IIS6/Windows 2003 or higher make sure to add the LIC file extension to the known MIME types in IIS using the steps outlined in the help topic entitled Web Application Configuration in IIS6 or IIS7
If you can download the license file but it has the wrong or missing servername then email us at with the proper URL and we can generate a new license file for you.

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