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Mike Haro Dec 16, 2011 01:56PM EST

In the ImageMan.Net v2.0.50727, if you right click in the horizontal or vertical scrollbar you get a menu with the first couple selections as being Top/Bottom or Left/Right.

What are these menus supposed to do? They don't seem to do anything to the displayed image. If they don't do anything, is there a way to hide them to keep users from questioning their purpose?

I've even tested this using the VB sample code projects (ImageManSampleVB) and it has the same results with these menus.

All the other scroll bar menus (Scroll Here, Page Up/Down (Left/Right), Scroll Up/Down (Left/Right)) all seem to work fine.

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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Dec 16, 2011 02:32PM EST

Hello Mike,

Those are the standard .Net scrollbar context menus. I did notice the Top/Bottom options don't seem to work as expected, the other options do work however.

We don't currently provide any way to remove/replace that context menu. I've added a request to our database for consideration in a future release.

ImageMan.Net Support

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Mike Haro  Data Techniques Employee Dec 19, 2011 12:50PM EST

Thank you,


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