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Migration from VB6 Activex imageman

Sathyaraj Apr 14, 2015 10:56AM EDT


We migrated our vb6 application to .net. Now we are using version. So, we have some functions like .increaseTo, .decreaseTo in imageman activex version. We need the replacement for these in Also, we have to know how to differentiate the image types, CCIT and JPEG in In vb 6 version, we used to get it by the imagecolors. If it is 2, then it is CCIT else, jpeg (we use only two types).
Please help us at the earliest since this is a production issue.


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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Apr 14, 2015 11:11AM EDT


The ModifyBitdepthCommand class will allow you to increase or reduce the bitdepth of a given ImImage object, this is the same as the IncreaseTo/DecreaseTo in the OCX.

The ImImage.BitDepth returns the bitdepth of the image.

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