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How to change Printer Port

Russell Morgan Jun 10, 2013 01:59PM EDT

We just purchased FaxMan and when installing two different FaxMan Printers on the same Windows 7 box, only printer displays in the Printers and Faxes window; however, if you go to the properties of the printer, you see both. After doing some reseach, this is because both printers have the same port value.

We are installing the printers using an ini file, but I do not see a port option. How can we change the port, other than manually?

Please advise.

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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Jun 10, 2013 02:02PM EDT


Are you sure your installing the FaxMan printer driver via an ini ? We provide a Bat file and the controls to install the driver.

Neither of those methods supports changing the port name programmatically but you can do it manually from the Printer properties. It just needs to be a Local Port.

The behavior you describe is correct in that Windows shows only one printer instance and then the others with the same port under a flyout menu. While this is odd UI behavior it doesnt affect the printer functionality.

Thanks for your interest in our products and please let us know if you have any questions.

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