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Faxman Jr gets No Response To Command with MultiTech Modems

Sam Hutsell Jun 26, 2013 11:48AM EDT

We have a client that is using FaxMan Jr with a product we wrote. There are a fax numbers dialed that consistently fail with "No Response To Command" and others that occasionally have this error.

If the client prints out the fax and goes to one of their old fax machines, they can send without any errors.

I was wondering what causes this type of error and are there any AT commands that should be set differently to try and eliminate this problem. I was specifically looking at the S30 register and seeing if bumping it up to a 1 minute delay would help.

S30 1 minute 0, 1–255 0 Sets the length of time that the modem waits before
disconnecting when no data is sent or received. A value of
zero disables the timer. See also the \T command

Thanks for any info or suggestions.


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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Jun 27, 2013 09:37AM EDT


TO see whats happening we will need you to send the debug data from FaxMan Jr's Message event to us. If you arent already capturing this data look at our VB6 sample app which shows how to capture that event data to a file.

Then send some faxes until the point of failure and email the file to us at Also please let us know what model modem you are using.

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