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Outbound ring times before retry

Neal Holt May 13, 2016 11:06AM EDT

We have one pharmacy that has their rings to answer set to 8 or 9. Our faxes to them are failing because the faxman does not get a reply from their fax soon enough.

Where do I change the wait time once it dials the phone number for outbound faxing?

Thank you

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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee May 16, 2016 01:25PM EDT


The time to wait after dialing is controlled by the modem and you can set that using the S7=xx command in the init string where xx is the number of seconds to wait after dialing for a connect. Just add that command to the current init string and then restart faxman. Be sure to add it at the end or between existing commands in the current init string.

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