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Enable/Disable PDF support runetime

Martin Vang Jørgensen Mar 21, 2012 05:44AM EDT


We are using the ImageMan ActiveX suite in our product and are considering purchasing the PDF add-ons license.

I have downloaded the trail versions of im8PDF.dil im8xPDF.del, and can see that the PDF support automatically is enabled when these files are in path.

Is there a way to enable/disable PDF support programmally? (Renaming or moving the files is not an option, while our users do not always have write permissions to the application folder)

Best regards,
Martin Vang Jørgensen

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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Mar 21, 2012 09:52AM EDT


Hmm, there are a couple of options:

1) If you dont install the PDF DIL/DEL files then you will not have support for loading and saving pdf files.

2) You can control whether the user has the ability to save as PDF by not allowing then to save files with a PDF extension. For loading you would have to use your own file open dialog since the ImageMan one would have the PDF Import listed if the DIL file was found in your installation.

So basically there isnt a way to automatically turn the options off if the files are installed but you do have the options listed above.

Hopefully this makes sense, if not please let me know.

Data Techniques, Inc.

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