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Mike Oct 10, 2013 06:10PM EDT

Is there a way in FaxMan to set the number of rings the system will listen for before it answers?

Our current setup has the faxman box daisy-chained to a physical fax machine used as a failover. The physical machine is currently configured to wait for 4 rings before answering, so we'd like to set up FaxMan to answer on ring 1. As it's happening now, they appear to answer at the same time, and the physical machine wins control of the line. I didn't see anything in the forums or manual about this...

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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Oct 11, 2013 08:59AM EDT


The FaxMan SDK product always picks up on the 1st ring received from the modem, the FaxMan Jr product can be configured to pickup on whatever # ring you wish.

Thanks for your interest in our products and please let us know if you have any questions.

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