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Kennedy Dec 23, 2013 07:14AM EST

I have a Perle PCI-RAS 8 V.92 Multi-modem Adapter on windows 2008 and Faxman Fax Engine Ver. 4.06

1. How do I get the Faxman to automatically distribute work loads on all ports? It only uses comm0 if send port is not assigned. I was under the assumption it would use all available ports.

2. I tried to manually assign ports but send ports 1, 2 will not send despite all comm ports having similar configurations (All lines have dial tones and work fine). Faxes on these ports are simply ignored, no errors completely no activity. The following is my configuration extract.


3. How do I know what send port corresponds to what serial port?

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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Dec 23, 2013 09:42AM EST


FaxMan will; automatyically use all send ports when multiple faxes are ready to be sent. Note that if you are testing and sending faxes to the same Fax Number it will onyl send one fax at a time to the same number.

Thanks for your interest in our products and please let us know if you have any questions.

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