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Fax Man server getting hang up

Alejandro Villarreal Jan 04, 2014 02:50AM EST

We are having a problem where the fax server will randomly stop working. We don't get any error or unhandled exception. Our application keeps running and it keeps polling faxes, but the fax server won't send any faxes until it is restarted. Have you ran across this problem?

Also, currently we are running version 4.6. I noticed that there is a newer version out, version 4.7. Can I update to that version for free? my license just shows fax man SDK 4.xx. Would you please let me know.

Thanks for your help.

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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Jan 06, 2014 02:27PM EST

Yes you can upgrade for free form the my products page on our website to the 4.71 release.

John Davis
Data Techniques Inc

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