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Enable Feeder through TwainControl1

Gagan Chadha Apr 16, 2014 08:51AM EDT

Hi There,

I am evaluating ImageMan.Net Twain and I am using the following code to scan pages from a Scanner which has both Flatbed as well as page feeder.

I use the following code and it scans from the flatbed.

twainControl1.UseADF = true;
twainControl1.MaxPages = -1;
twainControl1.DisplayHandle = this.Handle;
twainControl1.UserInterface = UserInterfaces.None;
img = twainControl1.ScanPage();
Img.Save("C:\MyDocuments\Images\Image1.Jpg", ImageFormat.Jpg);

When I add pages to the feeder, the scanner makes an acknowledgement beep sound, but my application invariably scans from the flatbed.

Please advise how can this be achieved through the twainControl. I would prefer not to show them the GUI if is avoidable.



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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Apr 16, 2014 09:52AM EDT

Hello Gagan,

Setting the ADF should be all you need to do. Can you please create a Twain debug log and email it to me. To do that add the line:

twainControl1.InitializeLogging(@"c:\twain.log") after you create the control before you call any other methods or properties. Then scan and email me back the file.

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