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Modem not detected

Vikrant Jan 23, 2013 08:52AM EST

We have problem detecting fax modem on windows 7, 32bit and 64bit bit machine.

In the VB sample application provided by you the FaxMan1.AutoDetect method does not detect any devices.

Please help

Here is the log -
10:29:07:0957 AutoReceive is OFF
10:29:07:0958 AutoShutDown is OFF
10:29:07:0958 ServerStatus is Running
10:29:07:0958 Initializing FaxList
10:29:07:0958 MaxComm = 66
Client Subscribed(ID = Global\1039299775-1)
10:29:08:0867 Attempting to open COM1
10:29:08:0878 Attempting to open COM2
10:29:08:0917 Attempting to open COM3
10:29:10:0926 -->> AT

10:29:13:0173 Attempting to open COM4
10:29:13:0183 Attempting to open COM5

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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Jan 23, 2013 08:55AM EST


If FaxMan cannot detect a modem its generally because its in use by another app or the driver isnt installed properly.

Please see this Knowledgebase article for info on how to diagnose the issue:

Thanks for your interest in our products and please let us know if you have any questions.

Data Techniques Support

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