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Getting error 'Could not load specified export library: invalid file' in imageman81.dll

sachin khutwad Mar 06, 2013 01:03AM EST

I am using imageman81.dll, product version 8.31.

I am trying to export images which are large number in size.(More than 3000)
Now problem is upto 3000 everything is working fine.But as soon as number goes beyond 3000 getting error from imageman81.dll.

We are using same imageman81.dll in other projects also and there its not throwing any error, so offcource issue is not from your side...

error is saying file is invalid but its not actually i am exportingg same file for 3000 times and its working fine but after 3000 while computing image size its throwing this error at below line..

hJob = ImgXBeginWriteMem("jpg", (LPBITMAPINFO)lpBmpInfoHdr, hOptBlk, &xInfo, NULL, 0 );

i need help regarding this error. what can be i am wrong with?

if you reqiure i will give more details.

Kindly help on this.


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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Mar 06, 2013 08:44AM EST


Download the latest ImageMan release from the My Products page on our website at There was a bug we fixed which is likely the cause of your issue and which should be fixed with the latest build.

Thanks for your interest in our products and please let us know if you have any questions.

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