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Modem doesn't receive EOP response, then next Fax enters timeout

David Vedvick Apr 02, 2013 01:04PM EDT

I have a fairly serious issue at a client site. They are attempting to send a fax and while the data transmits successfully the receiving modem does not receive a response to the EOP. When our software attempts to send the next fax, it receives a "Enter timeout handler" loop.

Is there a configuration option I can use to skip checking for the EOP response? Any other thoughts?

Here's the EOP part:

12:36:39:0231 CONNECT
12:36:39:0247 Enter rxblk: CONNECT
12:36:39:0247 rxblk match: CONNECT
12:36:39:0247 Exit rxblk
12:36:39:0247 Sending EOP Frame
12:36:40:0370 OK
12:36:40:0385 Enter rxblk: OK
12:36:40:0385 rxblk match: OK
12:36:40:0385 Exit rxblk
12:36:40:0417 -- AT+FRH=3

12:36:44:0629 Enter Timeout Handler
12:36:44:0629 -- g

12:36:44:0941 OK
12:36:44:0956 -- AT+FTH=3

12:36:45:0268 CONNECT
12:36:45:0284 Enter rxblk: CONNECT
12:36:45:0284 rxblk match: CONNECT
12:36:45:0284 Exit rxblk
12:36:45:0284 Sending EOP Frame
12:36:46:0391 OK
12:36:46:0407 Enter rxblk: OK
12:36:46:0407 rxblk match: OK
12:36:46:0407 Exit rxblk
12:36:46:0438 -- AT+FRH=3

12:36:50:0650 Enter Timeout Handler
12:36:50:0650 -- g

12:36:50:0962 OK
12:36:50:0978 -- AT+FTH=3

12:36:51:0290 CONNECT
12:36:51:0305 Enter rxblk: CONNECT
12:36:51:0305 rxblk match: CONNECT
12:36:51:0305 Exit rxblk
12:36:51:0305 Sending EOP Frame
12:36:52:0413 OK
12:36:52:0429 Enter rxblk: OK
12:36:52:0429 rxblk match: OK
12:36:52:0429 Exit rxblk
12:36:52:0460 -- AT+FRH=3

12:36:56:0672 Enter Timeout Handler
12:36:56:0672 -- g

12:36:56:0984 OK
12:36:56:0999 Hangup Subroutine
12:36:56:0999 -- ATH0

12:36:57:0452 OK
12:36:57:0467 Exiting Processs with Error: 23 in State 33
12:36:57:0467 Exiting Fax Script

And then here is the Timeout handler where our software stops responding (this is after the above):

13:00:14:0117 Enter Timeout Handler
13:00:14:0117 --

13:00:21:0325 Enter Timeout Handler
13:00:21:0325 --

13:00:28:0532 Enter Timeout Handler
13:00:28:0532 --

13:00:35:0739 Enter Timeout Handler
13:00:35:0739 --

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DTI Support  Data Techniques Employee Apr 02, 2013 05:11PM EDT


You cannot enable the EOP check as thats a critical part of the fax protocol to confirm the fax was received on the recipient end.

Can you please tell me what type of modem you are using, what version of FaxMan you have and your serial # ? You may want to ermail this to us at Thanks for your interest in our products and please let us know if you have any questions.

Data Techniques Support

Data Techniques Support

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